Kelowna CPA

K Hecht & Associates Inc., located in the Pandosy area of Kelowna, is a full service Kelowna accounting firm serving individuals, small- and mid-size businesses, and professional sectors throughout the Okanagan Valley and beyond.

As a Kelowna CPA, our experienced principals and staff take the time to understand your business. With a strong working knowledge of your business and needs, we are able to provide accounting, tax, and advisory services that meet your business’ individual needs. Visit our services page to see the many other services we provide that allow us to meet all your business and personal accounting requirements.

We place an emphasis on the quality of service we provide to our clients. What makes us unique is the personal attention to detail, commitment to all our clients, and energy we bring to each client relationship. The ultimate goal of K Hecht & Associates Inc. is to work together with you to meet your accounting, tax, and financial needs and goals through careful preparation and implementation.

So when you are looking for a Kelowna CFA or CPA, be sure to contact us at Hecht & Associates. We have the experience and qualifications you should be looking for. These qualifications, combined with our emphasis on the quality of our Kelowna CPA services, are the reason we have so many regular, long term and repeat clients.

Click the links above to see what other services we can offer to our Kelowna clients. We also have team bios and common forms used for many accounting purposes.

The difference between accountants is how they treat their clients.